Detect IP Address on VPN Tunnel if has been changed - MikroTik Script RouterOS

How to Detect IP Address on VPN Tunnel if has been changed?

I made this script for VPN Tunnel which suddenly changes the IP in the HostName / Domain name without confirmation first, meaning that sometimes they can change the IP at any time, actually it doesn't matter if we only use 1 WAN ISP but it will be a different story if we use 2 ISP and first select the VPN to one ISP line only.

You can use this script at starup on schedule and set duration for example 10 Minute (00:10:00)  

:global currentIP;
:local VpnHostName "";
:local WanGatewayRouter ""; 
:local SetComment "MY-VPN-TUNNEL";

:local check [/ip route find where comment=$SetComment];
:local resolvedIP [:resolve $VpnHostName];

:if (check = "") do={
 /ip route add gateway=$WanGatewayRouter dst-address=$resolvedIP comment=$SetComment;
} else={
 :if ($resolvedIP != $currentIP) do={
 /ip route set [/ip route find where comment=$SetComment] dst-address=$resolvedIP gateway=$WanGatewayRouter;
 :set currentIP $resolvedIP;
 :log info "Detect New IP VPN TUNNEL = $resolvedIP"